EdvoCare, LLC - Public education, business, and sports can be quite technical and complicated especially in an environment where there are high expectations for quick and accurate service. This is Edvocare's niche. We provide consulting and professional services in public and secondary education, athletics services, and community-based business entrepreneurship opportunities.

As it pertains to public education services, every child is entitled to a Free and Appropriate Education (FAPE). FAPE is critical to a child's ability to thrive educationally. Unfortunately, in a resource constrained environment, some school systems may be required to limit these services. For this reason parents face entities that have an inherent conflict of interest; responsible for delivery said services while demonstrating limited flexibility to modifying budgetary limitations.

As it pertains to business services, a small-business is at a disadvantage to larger, better resourced businesses. With our business services, we are able to assist you with some of your small business needs by leveraging our robust professional experience within various areas of Maryland, DC, Virginia, Alabama, and Georgia.

As it pertains to sports services, we provide an opportunity for anyone to utilize our officiating services for various sporting activities such as basketball, football, volleyball, and track & & field. Whether you are looking for an official/referee, or access to a personal training or tips, we will guide you through that process.

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