“Mr. Terry had a positive and fatherly impact on his students.  He not only helped students seek academic guidance but was instrumental in assisting with choosing positive role models.  Mr. Terry was honest, faithful, complementary, and real with the young minds he helped shape.”

~ Cori S.

“Derrick Terry is a compassionate and dedicated educator.  Mr. Terry's mission is to provide under represented populations an equal opportunity to attain the highest level of education.  This has been evident through his work experience with Baltimore City and Prince George’s County Public Schools.  Derrick always puts the students interest above all else and any student represented by him will be afforded the education they are entitled to.”

~   B.E.

“I have found Mr. Terry to be a passionate and dynamic educator.  It is refreshing to see a man who truly believes that ALL children can learn and that each academic interaction should be meaningful.”

~ D.E. Brown

"As a former student and mentee, I must say, if it were not for Mr. Terry, I wouldn't have become the successful person I am today. The majority of his students, including myself, came from broken homes, drug infested and crime ridden neighborhoods, and households whose median incomes were below the poverty line.  Mr. Terry made himself available for that purpose. Mr. Terry is very attentive to the needs of his students, and is the most approachable educator I have ever met. Mr. Terry has never treated a student as if they were inferior for any reason, and has always been fair and impartial to all his students. What sets Mr. Terry apart is students instantly realized he was not just a teacher, but he really cared.  I would not know where I would be in my life if not for Mr. Terry and wish there were more Educators like him!”

~ Garry L.

"Derrick Terry has always been a person who gives 100 percent of himself and effort to things that matter the most to him.  Education is one of the main concerns and he demonstrates great passion for it and shows in all of his works as a teacher."

~ Myra D.

"Derrick Terry has demonstrated a broad wealth of knowledge and experience from a manager in the education field as well as an educator as evident in the educational and mentor programs he established in our organization.   He is committed to implementing quality results based educational programs. "

~ Derrick N.

"Mr. Terry has definitely opened the eyes of many educators. He has eloquently stated all the things we as educators think everyday but fail to say. A very refreshing reminder that we as educators, no matter what city or state, face the same issues with students, administration and parents. Kudos to you Derrick Terry for standing up and being a voice for educators everywhere."

~ A. Taylor

"I have known Derrick most of my life and to learn he is doing positive things for the community makes my heart glad. He should be commended for his efforts in improving our world."

~ Kristin S.




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