For years many teachers, students, principals/assistant principals, and parents have complained about various issues in our current secondary education system such as over-crowded classrooms, obvious disparity in school resources, school violence, low graduation rates, and bullying to name a few.

Specifically, teachers and principals/assistant principals are reluctant to voice their opinion(s) due to the risk of getting fired or blackballed for exercising their constitutional right. Hence, the main purpose the Memoirs is to create open and real dialogue about the many issues arising in our education system that go unheard. The diverse and passionate collection of memoirs offers a look into the minds of teachers, students, principals/assistant principals, and parents. To some this might be a black-eye on our education system but it is an “eye-opener” to the good and bad associated with it.


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I'm Not Complaining, I'm Just Sayin'. . .
Memoirs of the Good and Bad in the Education System

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