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Never Judge a Book By Its Cover

     Imagine unknowingly wandering down a dark road of anxiousness, anger, and never-ending sadness.   You simply can't wrap your head around why you are feeling this way and you feel there is no one you can turn to for answers.  Additionally, you fail to recognize your sudden change in behaviors are adversely impacting your marriage, relationships with your kids and friends, your job, and your total well-being. 
     Then, imagine your suppressed inner demons subconsciously and recklessly driving on a highway of carelessness, selfishness, and shameful encounters to the point where you don’t care if you live… or die.  This happened to me and I became so mentally and socially exhausted that I finally reached out for help and sought counseling.  I never knew that seeking counseling would eventually save me...from me.
     As a male and specifically a Black male, we are culturally conditioned to avoid seeking professional help.  We are taught to suck it up and deal with it so we won’t appear to be weak. However, with counseling and support from my family/friends, I found enough strength to address my inner demons by way of writing about actual, traumatic events from my life. 

     We all inner demons but sometimes fall short of recognizing the effects they have on our lives as well as others.  This is why you should Never Judge a Book By Its Cover!!!


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 Never Judge a Book By Its Cover...

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